Why I’m Editing My Closet

It’s December! I should be decorating the house, baking cookies, shopping for and wrapping presents…so why am I taking the time to edit my closet?

It’s because I know that with all the extras and activities this month I need to simplify wherever I can.

Simplifying life by editing my closet.

So, I took an hour and went through my closet, and the bin with off-season clothes.  (It didn’t take long since I didn’t have a big wardrobe to begin with!)

I chose to get rid of everything I didn’t LOVE.  I got rid of the jeans that sagged in the bum after a couple of hours.  I got rid of the flannel shirt that was a bit too snug across my broad shoulders.  I got rid of the cardigan sweater I wore tons last winter, because this winter it makes my neck itch and I want longer styles.  I got rid of the black shirt that works well for layering but not for anything else, and I’ve got plenty of other layer-able options.  I got rid of the cute sneakers because they just weren’t comfortable.  I took three bags of clothes to the thrift store.

Don’t worry, I still have clothes to wear!  Now when I get dressed each morning I’m not seeing the pieces I don’t like and thinking “I have nothing to wear!”  Now I’m having to ask, “What am I going to wear, they’re all my favorites!”  (I know, first world problems!)

I have two pairs of jeans in my closet; I’m on the lookout for one more.  I realized I have no dressy tops; if I need to be dressier, I’ll wear a dress for now.  My boots that work well for skirts and dresses are on their last days.  So I’m on the lookout.  And I’m not going to rush.  And I’m not going to settle.  I’m going to keep my eyes open and be patient.

Hmmm, kind of like waiting for the fullness of time.  I know, God and clothes, nowhere near each other in importance but still… Life lessons from my closet? Maybe…

Any “little things” catching your heart and teaching you about the BIG things?

Feel Like YOU Again — Easy Style for the New Mom

From the moment you found out you were pregnant, your daydreams were consumed with how amazing it will be to finally hold your little angel in your arms. But, as you near the end of your pregnancy, you also begin to fantasize about what it will be like to have your body (mostly) back. Now that your daydream is finally a reality and you have that sweet face staring up at you, you also realize it may take your body a little while longer to live up to your fantasy. Now, it is all about finding a new normal and enjoying your amazing miracle.

For the first couple of weeks all is fine because you are able to blame just about anything on hormones, lack of sleep and feeling overwhelmed. But as the weeks go on you begin to wonder, “What happened to ME? I still do not feel like myself? I still feel like a frumpy, hot mess!” You begin to long for a bit of style and the confidence that feeling put-together brings to all the other tasks of life. But now, you have no idea where to start – this new little person has taken over every aspect of your life! Your pre-pregnancy clothes may not fit, and even if they did, they certainly are not compatible with your new mom-life. And you definitely don’t have the time or the energy to devote to developing your “new” style. So what’s a new mom to do?

I’ve been this new mom, three times! Here are three things I did to feel like myself again; to feel confident in my new role as mom.  Read the rest of the post on the Get Your Pretty On Blog!

3 Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is a real thing.  Do you ever feel as if you have already made so many decisions that your can’t make another?  Does this happen daily?  Does it happen by lunchtime?

What is Decision Fatigue?

It used to be that this didn’t happen very often because people didn’t have as many options to choose from.  Today we have multiple choices for just about everything.  Even a quick trip to the grocery store for milk leads to multiple options: whole, 2%, 1%, skim; organic, rBST-free, name brand, store brand; almond, coconut, soy, cashew…TOO MANY CHOICES.

There are many decisions we have to make everyday that can’t be avoided.  Life happens and decisions need to be made. However, we CAN spend a few purposeful minutes making intentional decisions eliminating the need to make certain decisions on a daily basis. 

This will lessen the decisions that need to be made each day, which will lessen decision fatigue. It also will give you the confidence that you have made the best decision in these areas. This leaves more mental power and clarity for the “life happens” decisions that must be made each day.

3 Ways to Reduce Decision  Fatigue
3 Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue

Reduce Decision Fatigue

Here are three areas of life that you can make informed and intentional decisions about NOW that will eliminate the need for multiple little decisions in the spur of the moment.

Create a capsule menu.

A capsule menu is a comprehensive meal plan that covers day-to-day meals and snacks as well as “food related emergencies”.  This comprehensive meal plan uses meals that your family knows and loves and that are quick and easy to prepare.  There is nothing that makes my day easier than always knowing what is for dinner and knowing I have the ingredients on-hand to make it.

Create a capsule wardrobe for yourself and your children.

Starting the day with a tough decision should not be the norm.  Standing in front of a closet full of clothes with “nothing to wear” does not start the day off right!  Check out my Everyday Simple Style Pinetrest board for ideas on how to plan a capsule wardrobe.  Also, check out this post about creating capsule wardrobes kids  and this post about making laundry easier.

If a capsule wardrobe isn’t your thing, think about creating a daily uniform to make getting dressed (and shopping) super easy.  If I had to choose a daily uniform it would be boot cut jeans, a black shirt and cute ballet flats.

Choose “go-to” brands for things you buy repeatedly.

I buy the same dish soap, the same  laundry soap, the same cleaning supplies, the same toilet paper, the same shampoo, soap and lotion.  I buy pretty much the same groceries and supplements each week/month.

Occasionally (about 1 time per year or when something changes, like the item is discontinued or the price changes dramatically), I evaluate my current product decisions and choose to keep it the same or change it.  I can take the time to make an informed decision once and then stick to the routine.

This will make grocery shopping and basic errands so much easier and faster!  You will (almost) be able to shop without a list! You may even choose to take advantage of a subscription service (like Amazon’s, Grove Collaborative’s or Vitacost’s subscription programs).

Having the daily decisions already made for you (and by you) reduces your stress and the mental energy needed day to day.  You days will seem easier and you will have more time and energy to do the things you WANT to do instead of only doing the things you HAVE to do!

What is one thing you can do TODAY to reduce your decision fatigue?

3 Ways to Reduce Decision Fatigue