Creating “Every Day” Family Traditions

Most of us have memories from our childhood involving family traditions.  Some of these traditions we liked enough to continue them in our own families, and some of them we have let go of in favor of new traditions.

Traditions are often tied to holidays or other special events (birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.)  But developing traditions for “every-day” makes for a fun family culture.  It creates memories and a sense of familiarity and belonging.  It provides a time to connect as a family daily/weekly.

Here are some ideas of simple ways to develop “every-day” family traditions:

Everyday Tradition: Pizza Night

Weekend Pizza Night (or Taco Tuesday or Breakfast All Day Day)

Choosing a meal that everyone loves and that is easy to prepare is a simple tradition to start.  It becomes part of you capsule menu and a meal everyone looks forward to!

Everyday Tradition: Family Devotions

Family Devotions

Finding a few minutes each day to read God’s Word together keeps your family’s spiritual life a daily, integral part of all of life.  It helps children learn that God is the center of all of life, not just Sundays.

Everyday Tradition: Family Meal

Family Meal

Studies show that families that eat at least one meal together each day (and interact with each other during the meal) have stronger relationships with each other.  Simply having the time each day to be together and talk with each other (quantity time) strengthens relationships.

Everyday Tradition: Family Night

Family Night (or Afternoon)

Having a set time each week to do something fun together as a family keeps relationships growing.  Having common experiences is key to building relationships.  Struggles, challenges and funny things will happen AND provide for great memories and relationship growth.

Everyday Tradition: Read Together

Read a Book Aloud Together

We end our days with books.  This provides a time to relax and signals our bodies that bedtime is near.  We usually read a chapter from one of our home school read-aloud books.  Our children (and we as parents) look forward each day to the next chapter of these great stories.

Everyday Tradition: Say Good Night

Say “Good Night” in a Special Way Every Day

I know that the last thing a tired parent wants to do is go through an elaborate bedtime routine each evening.  So, keep it simple but have a bedtime routine and make it special.  I rub each child’s back and sing them one verse of “their” hymn; hug and kiss and to sleep.

These are some of the things our family does on a regular basis to build memories, a sense of belonging and create the culture of our family.  What are some things your family does that adds to your family’s culture?