Home-Made Joy: Make a Plan

Finding joy in the day to day tasks of taking care of home and family can be a challenge!  We get frustrated trying to live up to the expectations of others and discouraged by all the Pinterest-worthy images we see on social media.  We begin to overcome these challenges when we discover our WHY.  Once our WHY has been determined, we can begin to move forward by defining our priorities for each task and embracing our “good enough”.  Once these are done, we can make a plan that works for us and stop trying to make someone else’s plan fit our life.

Make a (Realistic) Plan
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Make a (Realistic) Plan

Set yourself up for success by making a plan that is realistic for you.  Depending on your life stage or schedule it may not be possible to plan to clean your entire house in one day.  You may also love the idea of doing monthly freezer cooking but you may not have several hours in a row you can dedicate to cooking each month.  Just because a system (or plan) works well for one person, doesn’t mean it works well for everyone.

I have a pretty good basic cleaning routine that works well for me.  The basic tasks of laundry, bathroom cleaning, and vacuuming get done each week.  However, I realized that the more thorough and deep cleaning tasks rarely got done!

To try and remedy this I developed a plan to do a bit of deep cleaning each week.  I thought that this way I could get some deep cleaning done each week and it would just keep getting done.  But I’ve discovered that this isn’t working for me!  I need to refine my plan.

Refine the Plan as Needed
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Refine the Plan as Needed

Trying to get a concrete list of tasks done each week was not happening.  Some weeks I would have time to get most of it done and some weeks I barely got anything on the list done!  I was feeling behind and like I was failing at my own plan!

So, I’ve refined my plan.  Now I have set times during the day when I focus on cleaning.  During these times I first focus on the daily/weekly things that need to be done (like laundry or the bathroom or vacuuming), then if I have time, I move onto a deep cleaning task.  One day I might wash the kitchen floor, another day I may clean a closet, some days are busy and not much of anything gets done!  It all depends on how much time I have and what I decide is a priority.

Make it fun

I’ve also found ways to make these tasks more fun!  I like to listen to podcasts while I clean.  This gives my brain something fun to do as well as gives me a bit of adult-type “conversation” during my homeschooling days.

Use the right tools

Cleaning is so much easier with the right tools and products.  I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple, but I also like to keep it easy by using the right tools.  We have hardwood floors throughout our house.  I used to sweep all these floors but was always frustrated that I couldn’t quite get it all.  Then I got a small (1.5 gallon) shop vac.  It has made it so much easier to keep the floors clean!  It is easy to maneuver and easily sucks up all the sand and dirt that comes from living on a gravel road as well as all the bits of bark and wood that come in with the firewood.  It also does a great job with hair in the bathroom!  Yes, it takes up more room than a broom and dustpan (and I do still have a broom for small jobs) but I  love how much easier it is to keep floors clean!

Celebrate Success
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Celebrate Success

Celebrate your successes.  Even if it is just cleaning something for 10 minutes, I consider it a success!  I rarely try to clean outside of my “scheduled” cleaning times because then I would feel the need to always keep cleaning because I would never be “done”.  Schedule yourself an endpoint and be “done.”  Celebrate the success of being “done” for that day!

Live in the Sweet Spot of Contentment

Contentment means being happy with what you have.  There is always more we could be doing, but we also need time for rest and fun.  Be content with a plan that you can succeed in that fits your life now…not what you wish your life was li

Home-Made Joy: Embrace Your “Good Enough”

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a working mom or dad or a work from home parent, you know the everyday tasks of taking care of home and family need to be done (and seem to never have an end!)  Last week we discovered that knowing our “why” can help us find more JOY in these tasks. 

While it helps to know our “why,” many of these tasks seem to be a never-ending cycle: there is always more food to make, more dirty dishes to wash, more laundry to do and more dirt to clean.  In home and family life there can always be more to do.  The next key to finding JOY is to embrace your “good enough.”

Find Joy By Letting Go of Perfection.
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Find You “Good Enough” by Letting Go of Perfection

With the very visual nature of our social media world, it is easy to compare our homes and lives to what we see (and imagine to be true) of the lives of others through the pictures they share online.  We must remember that (most of the time) people share only the best and prettiest parts of their life with the world.  No one can do everything, and for sure no one can do everything perfectly!

Don’t place other people’s expectations on yourself

As a newly married wife, I was excited about making meals for my husband.  I wanted him to like my cooking and the meals I served.  Because of this, I often searched for and tried new recipes.  A few we liked, most we didn’t.  Thankfully my husband came to me and asked why I kept trying new recipes.  I was trying to provide variety in our meals.  He preferred just to eat the meals he knew he liked!  Thankfully, a little communication saved me tons of time and stress in trying new recipes each week!

Stop the Comparison Game

A few years later we discovered my husband was sensitive to nightshade foods.  Now many meals that we enjoyed were no longer options for our family.  Because I now had to make everything from scratch, meal planning was much more important than it had been.  So I began a habit of weekly meal planning, but I dreaded it!  I felt like each week our meal plan looked very similar to the week before.  I was comparing myself to the pretty (and varied) meals plans I was seeing online.  When I embraced our limitations and created a capsule menu the dreaded chore of meal planning disappeared!

I knew my “why” of meal planning: healthy, allergen-free meals my family liked AND that I liked to make!  But I needed to discover my “good enough”: embracing repetition and creating a capsule menu!

Find JOY by embracing your "good enough."
Because I choose to let the creative play happen, my home often looks like this for an afternoon!

My “Good Enough”

My “good enough” will look different from yours.  Your “good enough” will look different from your neighbor’s or your friend’s.  That’s OK!  Your “good enough” only needs to work for you and your family.

I’ve shared about my “good enough” with laundry.  And my “good enough” for cleaning.  Share in the comments a “good enough” from your life to help other’s embrace their own!

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